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When I was approached by several people in different regions outside of my own to consider running to fill the upcoming vacant seat for the BOD, I spent many hours in conversation with family and friends to understand what they believed should be represented on the BOD and what their perception were of how things were going. 

To me, it boils down to 3 key tenants (1) Forward thinking / Modernizing the organization (2) Transparency / Comms – listen, respond, adapt (3) Partnership / Commitment to the organization

I work as an attorney in a large Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm.  We invest in startups and small companies and I spend a good percent of my time sitting on multiple boards to help drive best practices and processes from outside the company. This dedication and experience can be of value to NAFA.  As a new Board member, I will work to help NAFA serve the flyball community and represent ALL involved.


Question: Each year the board members are asked to serve on several committees.  Which of these committees best fit your strengths and which aren't in your wheelhouse?

My background in technology can be of use to NAFA as well as my ability to be very pointed and directed with Comms.  From what I’ve seen over the years, I can help modernize our use of technology and even perhaps introduce partnerships with some of the major dot coms and large organizations here in San Francisco.  I can also use my strong management skills to help the our comms and ensure that we utilize, for example, all our social media to provide more transparency to the rest of the flyball community.  I see this as a gap that exists currently.

Question:  As a board member it is important that you are open to change and open to hearing other's ideas.  How have you been open to change in the past personally or professionally? Or how have you helped change occur?

When I manage my teams at work, or sit on volunteer committees, the one key skill that I always bring is the ability to ensure that we have really pointed accurate decision making.  And that we listen and understand what issue/problem is being asked or raised.  We owe this to the constituents that put us there and we need to make sure that we always represent the best interest of the organization while reflecting changes that the community is calling for.

I totally understand that change is hard, it can be difficult, but it can also be eye opening, useful, productive and good for the organization. That’s how an organization moves forward and fear of change or stagnant compliancy will eventually lead to corrosion of trust in the teams and people in charge. Over the years, I’ve made multiple changes in my life, I’ve worked and lived in Berlin, Sydney, Paris, NYC, DC… Each time, I’ve had to adapt and learn to adopt and listen and work with the local environment.  Working in M&A, I also lead multiple companies through changes as we integrate them into our larger infrastructure at Google. This experience can be applied to help NAFA to ensure that we always reflect the interest of the whole community vs the will of a few.


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